Maybe Moby

Late last night, while browsing for books to download and take with me to Ambon, I had the crazy, some would say insane, notion that I might try reading Moby Dick again (I've tried and failed at least a dozen times).

When I typed "Moby Dick" into my chosen online bookstore, this is what I saw:

What's wrong with this image?

Any way you look at it, this is a well-mannered humpback whale enjoying a frisky frolic in the sun. And here I was thinking for so many years that Moby was an all-white sperm whale with a bad attitude and a penchant for torturing semi-deranged seamen. had more than one Kindle edition of Melville's masterpiece available, at least two of which featured the same species shuffle.

So...I guess this means that Amazon's mistake wasn't just a fluke (Sorry, I couldn't resist the horrible pun).

...and this one?