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Ping Pun

My time between trips is always a mad scramble to download and backup files, attend to miscellaneous errands, catch up on correspondence, get camera stuff sorted, unpack and re-pack, get some sleep(?), etc. Given how crazy-hectic things are, I'm always short on time. It would therefore be logical to stay focused and attack my monstrous to-do list with maximum vigour. Logical perhaps, but not really feasible...given how prone I am to distractions.…


Continuing with my ongoing series of posts featuring Stupid Tony Tricks, here's one that I didn't even have to be present for (how's that for efficiency?): Me as Vera Wang. Or is it Vera Wang as me? This snapshot comes via my friend

Me At Work

I'm back at home for about a week in between trips. It's winter. It's cold. In order to save energy, we only turn on the heat when absolutely necessary. So here I am keeping toasty-warm while editing photos: This is how I roll in winter For the inevitable wise-cracks: Don't knock it if you haven't tried it!