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Using Nik Filters with Smart Objects for Underwater Photos

It's no secret that of all the aspects of what I do, photo editing is my least favourite. I have images from 2005 still waiting to be edited, because I'd much rather be out in the field, researching background information, working out, eating, or even sleeping. Lately though, I've had to spend more time editing in order to prepare presentations, proposals and talks. The following image is an holding a piece of sperm whale skin...not a beauty…

Editing with Nik Software

I'm giving a talk in Osaka this Friday about whales, which means I have to edit and process a number of photos to flesh out the presentation outline I've come up with for the occasion. Humpback whales bubble net feeding in Alaska,the photo I just finished editing with Nik Software Just so you know...processing photos is one of my least favourite things in the world to do. I'm happy to devote endless hours to thinking up new ways to create beautiful…

Learning To Use A Lytro

Lytro cameras started shipping a few days ago. Since then, major news and tech sites have published a flurry of reviews and write-ups, describing what a Lytro is (the world's first lightfield camera for the consumer market) and offering a range of opinions about the camera, the underlying technology, and various pros/ cons. If you're unfamiliar with this new camera, I'd suggest you visit the