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Japanese luna moth (Actias artemis) and cute messages from young friends
Graphics/ audio from The Economist illustrating overexploitation of global fish populations
Japanese luna moth, Actias artemis

Japanese Luna Moth

Photo of Japanese luna moth (Actias artemis) and handwritten notes from young friends in Kochi prefecture, Japan. オオミズアオ

Black-eared Kite (Milvus migrans lineatus), Japan

Flying Kites

Photographs of black-eared kites (Milvus migrans lineatus) in flight, engaged in aerial combat, and catching fish. Kochi prefecture, Japan. トビ

Japanese tree frog Hyla japonica

Adorable Amphibians

Photographs of Japanese tree frogs (Hyla japonica) and a Montane brown frog (Rana ornativentris), taken in Kochi prefecture, Japan

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