What A Wall

sea fanOn the first of my two recent cruises aboard MV Golden Dawn, we visited the Ashmore reef system, which is separate from the Eastern Fields.

Although the currents were supposed to be ripping according to the tide charts and moon cycle, we didn't have much luck catching the strong current that we wanted, but we did dive on some beautiful sites nonetheless.

One of those sites was a spectacular wall.

Walls are generally not my favourite locations, because it's difficult to hold steady while taking photos, but this was one of the loveliest, if not the prettiest, wall dives I've ever done. It was...in a word...magical.

A single photograph can't do justice to the splendour of a long wall teeming with life, but this image is a snapshot of one of the many healthy (and big!) fans.

The dive site didn't have a name at that point, but Capt. Craig was kind enough to name it Wu Wu Wall for me.