A Special Day

As I go through life, certain days take on special meaning...birthdays, anniversaries, and other memorable occasions, for instance.

Now I have another day to add to my list.

For my final dive and critter encounter in Lembeh for this trip, I came across a turdfish.

velvet waspfish

Before anyone gets too excited...it's not really called a turdfish (though any objective observer would support my contention that the fish should be renamed to such effect).

The dropping-like fish is actually called a velvet waspfish (Paraploactis sp.).

I saw my first poo-mimicking piscine last year on 16 March. I only know the exact date because I looked at my blog post from 16 March 2009.

And guess what? Today is 16 March too.

Perhaps there's some subtle, mind-blowing, reality-altering message in this encounter, or (more likely), it's just an amazing coincidence and I'm being silly.

In any case, I feel that I should declare 16 March official "Turdfish Day", which of course obligates me to look for another one on 16 March next year.