Histiophryne Help Again

While chatting with Rachel Arnold about the unidentified Histiophryne frogfish I posted about last week, she sent me this snapshot of a preserved specimen of another undescribed Histiophryne frogfish:

unidentified histiophryne frogfish

Rachel took this photograph at the Australian Museum in Sydney. The fish is a fairly old specimen caught in Currarong, NSW, Australia in May 1968 by a person identified on the specimen tag as K. Deacon.

According to what Rachel was told, there used to be sponge gardens in that area, but they have since disappeared, perhaps due to pollution.

It seems like this might be the only existing record of this fish.

I know it's difficult to discern what the living fish would look like, but if anyone's seen a strange-looking frogfish that resembles the one in the above photograph hanging out in a sponge garden in New South Wales, can you let me know?