Underwater Festival 2011

underwater festival 2011I've just enlisted to help out with a really ambitious project, which is part of the Underwater Festival 2011.

In short, between 2 and 11 September next year, participants in over 25 countries throughout the Oceania and Asia regions will participate in a simultaneous underwater photo shootout and compete for $100,000 of prizes.

(I just realised I don't know which country's $ this means, but it doesn't matter...there's a lot up for grabs!)

The top 100 photos will be put on display at the inaugural Oceania Dive and Travel Expo ("ODEX") scheduled for 30 September to 2 October in Brisbane.

I'll be one of the photo contest judges, and I may be putting together a trip in Tonga to coincide with the shootout period.

See the Underwater Festival 2011 website for more details.