Me At Work

In contrast to my normal "Me At Work" posts...when I usually post photographs of me looking dorky while taking's a snapshot of me looking dorky standing next to my photograph of four sperm whales that was selected as the winner of the Underwater Category in the 2010 Veolia Environment Photographer of the Year contest:

Me standing next to my image of four sperm whales
at the London Natural History Museum

I met a lot of wonderful people while I was in London, including a gentleman from Belgium named Michel Demeuse and his son Frédéric, whose beautiful image of delicate mushrooms was the winner of the In Praise of Plants category. Michel was kind enough to forward this photograph to me.

During the course of dinner conversation, I realised that I had indirectly worked with Michel about 15 years ago...during the dark, grim days when I had to wear a suit (and shoes even!) every day. What a small world it is.