TDEX Talks

Today is the final day of TDEX. I'm coming down with a sore throat, perhaps from talking too much, or perhaps from continually being in air-conditioned environments over the past few days...I guess I'm more accustomed to tropical beaches at this point in life.

I did two talks yesterday, one on basic photography stuff for beginners, and the second on lighting. Actually, the second talk was more of a demo.

talk at tdex

With a lot of help from Aey and Mean, the show organisers, Canon, and a whole bunch of other people...I rigged up a Canon 5D Mark II to a large-screen TV and demonstrated how to take photos using natural and artificial light...just like you would underwater.

With no practice/ rehearsal, I was certainly relieved when everything worked properly!

My friend Khun Ake dropped by the show to translate for me (actually, it seemed like he was there more to make fun of me in Thai than to interpret), which was a big help and a lot of fun.

After my talks, Gunther gave a great intro into the capabilities and basic functions of Aperture. I picked up a few tips, which will no doubt streamline my workflow going forward.

If you're around and missed yesterday, I'll be doing two more talks this afternoon, at 14:00 and 15:30, across from the Canon booth, in the main hallway, and Gunther's talk is at 16:15.