Silent Symphony

silent symphonyIt's been nearly eight years since I published Silent Symphony. Time truly flies.

Most of the copies of my book have sold out during that time, and I've had a difficult time locating copies to respond to email requests for the book.

If you've contacted me to ask about buying a copy and I wasn't able to find one for you...there's now a small stock of Silent Symphony copies available via Scubacam in Singapore.

Email David or Sanah at info (at) if you'd like to purchase a copy.

The book received the grand prize for best book of the year at Antibes in 2001.

I was in Hyderabad attending a meeting when I received an sms from my friend and editor Gemma telling me the news. I was standing in a buffet line with a bunch of staid executives, who were somewhat taken aback when I tossed my food into the air in celebration.

The images in Silent Symphony reflect a different time, when film was the dominant imaging technology, and when there were far fewer people diving in Asia.

If you're an old hand, it's nice to look back every once in a while and appreciate how far things have come in such a short time. If you're a newcomer to diving and/ or underwater photography, Silent Symphony might be a useful reference, both for the animals in it, and for the photographic techniques represented by the images.

Here are a few images from the book:

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