Sayonara Sea Lions

Our final day with the sea lions was less eventful than the previous few, but a lot of fun nonetheless.

Sea lion sniffing its surroundings like a puppy

It's been a terrific trip, and I have a lot that I'd like to share, but I'm still preoccupied with what's going on in Japan.

Even as I'm writing this, I'm watching footage on TV of a few people who were just rescued from the freezing conditions in northeast Japan, followed by a discussion of the ongoing crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant. It's still difficult to fathom the scale of devastation, suffering and chaos.

Given the general uncertainty in Japan and reports from friends living near me that there's still very little food or fuel available, I won't be heading back to Japan until it makes sense to do so. For the time being, I'll be even more homeless and disoriented than usual.