My First Podcast

After struggling with a slew of software and racking my brains to figure out proper xml code for RSS and iTunes feeds...finally, here's my first podcast.

Below is a quicktime video, actually a short slideshow with some of my recent sea lion images. Click on the image to play the video (be patient, it may take a minute or two to stream, depending upon your connection quality).

If you've got an iPod, right click on the link below the video to download the iPod version.

Subscribe to my podcast via iTunes here.

This is a first attempt at this format, so assuming I can master all the intricacies and remember everything I've done, I'll create more podcasts and upload them when possible. If I get really adventurous, I may even try uploading while I'm on the road (glutton for punishment and frustration that I am).

And if I've done something incorrectly, please let me know.

[qt:/videos/2007/ /videos/2007/sealionposter.jpg /videos/2007/ 480 376]