Underwater Unicorn

I'm on my way to the airport soon. It's difficult to overstate how productive and enjoyable my trip to the Lembeh Strait has been, thanks to the great companionship of the many people who joined me here, the generous hospitality of Kasawari-Lembeh Resort and Lembeh Hills Resort, and of course, the fantastic critters of Lembeh.

Despite the fact that I posted photos at least once a day during my stay, there are still a lot of images and stories I haven't been able to share.

But before I head out, here's one more image...of a Gymnodoris impudica nudibranch with only a single rhinophore in the middle of its head...an underwater unicorn.

nudibranch with one rhinophore

It's been around for the entire duration of my stay, so if you're visiting Lembeh and dive Jahir, keep an eye out around for this single-minded sea slug.