My Dive Guides in Izu

Hard-working, keen-eyed dive guides are a big part of having a successful trip...anywhere you visit.

In Izu for the past week, I've had the good fortune of working with two excellent guides...Satoshi Shinohara and Issei Takeda...from Sea Front dive shop. Here's Satoshi with a big grin on his face:


They've been helping me find things, lug things around, clean things off, and also just shuttling me around from site to site.

All of our dives have been shore dives, so there's quite a bit of preparation time involved, and there's plenty of work to do after we get back to the dive shop too.

So as my way of saying thanks...I forced them to pose for photos. The shop is located on the way to one of the primary dive sites, so many of their friends from other dive shops slowed down to watch me taking photos of my extremely self-conscious models. Embarrassing Satoshi and Issei in front of their friends was almost as much fun as finding a lumpsucker for the first time!

Here's a photo of both of the strapping young lads together. It took me a while to convince them to stand close enough to one another to fit them both in the frame...

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