Me At Work

For the 2010 humpback whale season in Tonga, I've traded in my heavy all-black overcoat for a lighter orange jacket with reflective tape, primarily because I had to cut weight to meet airline baggage restrictions.

As you can see, I'm making the best of it. First, there's no way anyone can miss me with this coat on…which is generally a good thing out on the water.

As an added bonus, my black wetsuit + orange jacket just happen to match the black-and-orange hard case that I carry with me every day, as well as my all-black underwater camera housing.

Who says fashion sense has to suffer if you're out whale watching?

Of course, the bright white croc knock-offs I procured locally sort of spoil my colour-coordination, but hey…there's only so much I can do out here.

Several people have already complimented me on my appearance, so perhaps my innovative Black-and-Orange-Dorky-Whale-Watcher look will catch on.

The orange jacket is actually standard wear for construction workers and other laborers in Japan, so at the very least, I'm sure my Japanese friends will get a kick out of it.