Say Ahhhhh

A couple of days ago, a large bull whale showed up to socialise with some of the younger males. Adult male sperm whales are huge.

In the water, it looked somewhere on the order of two to three times the size of the sub-adults, as well as being significantly greater in girth. They can grow to something on the order of 18 metres in length.

Of course, the pace of swimming was generally more rapid when the large adult was around, so it was difficult to keep up. After one extended swim, the whales took a right turn, giving me chance to close some distance...and this is what I saw:

large adult male sperm whale

The bull opened its mouth really wide, as if stretching its jaws. There was no aggression involved, and no sonar beyond the normal background chatter.

It say the impressive sight.

Note: Photo taken under permit.