On Golden Dawn

For those of you who are joining Eric Cheng and me on our upcoming adventure in the Eastern Fields of Papua New Guinea aboard the MV Golden Dawn with Capt Craig Dewit, here's a brief preview of what's in store.

If you've never been aboard the Golden Dawn, Craig generally works hard, though it may not always appear like he's doing much:


He generally knows where he's going, though sometimes, you find yourself deposited in places where it doesn't seem like there's a lot of good diving to be had:


Also, you should know that Craig has a little camera and fancies himself a good photographer. So it's best to humour him, or better yet, recruit other people to listen to him and marvel at his photographic finesse, as I did here:


Because on occasion, he manages to drop you into really interesting situations for face-to-face personal encounters:


Or group discussions:


Or just to appreciate pristine, unspoiled scenery:


The upcoming expeditions in November and December are fully booked, but Craig and I are plotting another trip to visit reefs he's just discovered (i.e., no one has ever dived before).

If you're a glutton for punishment adventurous and think you'd enjoy picking on Craig sharing a trip with Craig, I'll post more information when we've figured out the details.