Frogfish Face

I was about to go to sleep, but thought it worth posting another illustrate how different lighting can create an entirely different feel/ mood for a given subject.

As with the previous post, this image is of a giant frogfish (a different individual), but the perspective and lighting are quite different, giving this a relatively intimate, soft, cuddly contrast to the more documentary feeling of the other frogfish portrait.

Of course, the complexion of the respective frogfishes played a role in deciding how to portray them. Had I tried to make the frogfish in the previous post soft and cuddly, it probably wouldn't have worked.

Why? Because the other frogfish has a craggly complexion, kind of Tommy-Lee-Jones-esque, while this one has a nice smooth complexion (to the extent frogfish can have nice skin).

Picking the most suitable perspective and lighting is crucial to making an image "work".

frogfish face