Invasion of the Body Snatchers

During my Lembeh trip, I came across this fish:


At face value, it's uninteresting...basically just a flounder on the sand. Yawn.

Upon closer inspection though, you'll see that there are three very sneaky extraterrestrial entities controlling the fish. Seriously.

Cleverly disguised to blend in with the flounder's colouration, the extra-planetary trio have big black eyes, shiny white teeth (buck teeth in one instance), and somewhat dopey expressions on their faces (though...who am I judge alien visages?).


Best I can surmise, the bug-eyed body snatchers have constructed see-through portals in the fish through which they survey the world and steer their host flounder. One has to assume that they've effected some manner of mind control over the poor piscine.

From a more scientific point of view, this could perhaps be the first documentation of how and why flounders are capable of such effective's advanced alien technology (not chromatophores, as commonly believed).

I thought about capturing the fish to secure this invaluable technology for the benefit of all mankind, but having studied alien zap-ray weaponry in detail when I was a kid (Star Trek, Star Wars, Mars Attacks, et al.) and also having watched nearly every episode of The X-Files, I decided not to place myself in harm's way, and fled the scene soon after taking these photos.

In retrospect, one has to wonder though, if you take the trouble to travel several million light years to get here, why on earth would you bother taking over a drab, one-sided fish? There's just no accounting for alien taste.

(Heok Hui was the first to discover the aliens. I haven't seen or heard from him since the trip though, so I have to assume that they've hunted him down and silenced him. Aliens are good at that.)