Facebook Uncensored

I recently posted a link to some amazing photography showing the devastation of the recent earthquake in Sumatra. The link was to the website of the Boston Globe.

Some dipshitSomeone on Facebook submitted a complaint, marking the site as "abusive" and for some inexplicable reason, Facebook censored the link:


I wrote to Facebook and asked why the link was censored. I received a nice response from Keith in User Operations, who told me he forwarded my query to the relevant department. Some hours later, the censored link was restored, though no one from the Department of Thought Control at Facebook let me know.

I still can't figure out why someone at Facebook is so censorship-happy that they'd block a legitimate link to a web page of photojournalistic value.

I can never figure out people who find it necessary or incumbent upon themselves to try to dictate what other people see or think.

This is a minor, minor incident, but censorship should never be permitted.

Censorship and self-righteous morons who feel the need to censor: 0
Common sense and good judgment: 1