Dueling Octopuses

The internet went down last night, so I wasn't able to update my blog, even though I was ready...with pictures and stories galore!

In any case, the connection is a bit slow...at least by comparison to the speeds I get at home, so I'm probably not going to be updating every day as originally planned, but I'll do my best in any case.

The big group from the US left yesterday, which meant the only divers for the day (until Aey and Mean from FiNS Magazine arrived) were me and Andy Chung, who's here from Denver, Colorado.

Andy's been a terrific dive buddy. It's his first time in Indonesia, his first time with an underwater housing, his first time muck diving, his first time seeing most of the critters here...so basically, he gets excited easily.

Actually, after a few dives, Andy came up with what is perhaps the simplest and most descriptive definition of muck diving I've ever come across.

As he put it: Muck diving is looking for: "crazy stuff sticking its head out of the sand." Accurate, no?

On that note, here's a photo from an evening muck dive with Andy...two octopuses in a bellicose mood, wrangling over bragging rights to a glass bottle. The one on the right ended up clobbering the one on the left.

Off to the next dive...

fighting octopuses