Dinah With Her Gobies

Bob made a print of one of my Lubricogobius dinah goby photos to give to his wife, and just forwarded me this terrific snapshot of Dinah with her namesake fish:

Dinah Halstead with photo of Dinah's gobies from Milne Bay
Dinah Halstead with pair of Dinah's gobies from Milne Bay

The print hangs on the hook that's just visible on the wall behind Dinah, next to a drawing by Valerie Taylor.

This picture represents the culmination of ten years of obsession for me.

I must have come across a reference to Lubricogobius dinah when Randall and Senou published a description of the species in 2000-2001, and ever since then, I've been hoping for an opportunity to see and photograph these adorable fish.

I met Dinah in early 2006, when she, Bob and I were on MV Chertan together for a TV project. And finally, in 2011, I succeeded in taking pretty photographs of these fish to help bring a lovely smile to Dinah's face.