Back from Palau

I've just returned from a terrific two-week trip to Palau.

Aerial view of Palau's beautiful Rock Islands

The trip was special for a number of reasons.

This was my first extended stay in Palau since 1995. I visited the island nation a few years ago to help judge a photo contest, but I didn't really get to dive much. 1995 was 16 years ago (note my exceptional mastery of mathematics), which means that everything was, for all practical purposes, new to me.

In addition, the reason I travelled to Palau was to photograph for an upcoming article in Sport Diver magazine.

I haven't really been taking magazine assignments in recent years, and this is the first time that I've worked with Sport Diver.

I can't really say much more about the experience or publish any additional photos right now, but since I'm not one to go along with the crowd or travel the beaten path, you can safely assume that the trip was really special.

I had a great time, made a bunch of new friends, learned a lot(!), and had many new experiences. In short...the trip was a blast! I'll write more about the adventure when the article comes out.

Time to get to work.