Mini Me

This is perhaps the smallest frogfish that I've ever come across, or at least that I've ever noticed.

While I was in Ambon, my dive guide Toby showed me this little fish, which was sitting among the peach-fuzz-like stuff covering a small rock while doing its best impression of...peach fuzz on a rock.

"Mini me" was about the size of a grain of rice, perhaps a little bit bigger.

It was perfectly camouflaged, and the light levels were low with a ripping current. I have no idea what species this frogfish is. I just know I had to squint a lot to see it.


Update 08 June: Margaret Thompson sent me the image below of a tiny orange frogfish she photographed in Lembeh. Unlike me, she was smart and had a pointer next to the fish for scale. Cute, no?

Thanks Margaret!