First Day in Tonga

After arriving in Tonga last night, I got up this morning at 04:30 to catch a flight up to Vava'u from Nukua'lofa. By 07:00, I was back at the bed & breakfast digging into scrambled eggs and freshly brewed Nukua'lofa, not Vava'u.

It's a long story, but the punch line is that I will make it up to Vava'u in the evening, not this morning as planned.

The subtext is that if you're joining me at some point in Tonga, remember that stuff happens, and just take it in stride. Quite often, unexpected twists and turns end up being the most memorable and educational parts of adventures.

Problems, logistical hitches, sudden changes and such are part and parcel of travelling, especially in remote areas like Tonga.

The exact reason for the delay isn't as important as the fact that stuff like this is a fact of life.

...time for a coffee refill.