Eastern Fields Extravaganza!

One space has just opened up for the Eastern Fields trip aboard MV Golden Dawn that I'm running with Eric Cheng/ Wetpixel between 8 and 19 December this year.

As many of you know, the Eastern Fields is one of my favourite locations. It's remote, it's wild, the marine life is astounding to the nth degree, and best of all...probably only a few hundred people have ever dived there.


The trip will be filled with experienced camera/ video people, so we'll have lots in common, and hopefully learn a lot from one another. Conditions permitting, we'll be visiting other reefs too...ones that have seen even fewer divers than the Eastern Fields.

There's only one space open, for a female diver (due to cabin-sharing requirements).

Click here to read a write-up from my last visit, and here to get trip details.

If you're in search of an awesome trip to an awesome place on an awesome boat with awesome(?) people...seriously, it doesn't get much better than this. And if you do join us, I'd strongly recommend setting aside time before or after the trip to dive other parts of Papua New Guinea.